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22 Sep

Yahoo Hacked – Time For Personal Email

Yahoo announced Thursday, September 22, 2016, that data associated with 500 million Yahoo user accounts were compromised.  This is not good news for those who use Yahoo for email, especially if one uses Yahoo mail to transfer financial account information (credit card, bank, etc.).  The last thing you need is some hacker, someplace, gleaning sensitive financial information from a data breach.  And what about all the online accounts you have that you’ve requested password recovery for?  You don’t want a hacker being able to reset your passwords from emails he can now access.

Not Just Yahoo Users At Risk

But if you use Hotmail, Gmail or some other free email service instead, don’t sit back with a smug look on your face.  Massive-scale free email services are looked at by hackers as veritable treasure troves, including the one you use!  And such they are.  Think of how much personal and financial information is stored on such repositories!  Hack one and you have a lifetime of bankable stolen data to harvest.

Time To Switch to Personal Email

As a long-time user of private email, I strongly advocate for moving away from using massive-scale free email services like Yahoo and Hotmail.  They are simply too big a target.  But what are your options?  What else is there?

Personal email.

What is Personal Email?

Personal email is nothing more than email service that is hosted on your own (personal) domain.  If you are a business owner with your own website, you are likely already using your “own” hosted email service.  For example, if you send us an email here at GoPodunk, the email we receive from you will be processed and stored on’s email server.  Probably not too high on hackers’ list of “big score” targets.  While no data on the internet is ever fully safe, the principle of “security through obscurity” affords users of personal email the benefit of a very, very, very small (likely unprofitable) target to hackers, especially when compared to those broadcast by massive email service providers.

How Do I Switch to Personal Email?

To start using personal email, you’ll need your own domain ($30 a year).  Then you’ll need a host for your email service ($5.95 a month). can bridge both gaps for you.  You can sign up for both a domain and email hosting using our email hosting application. (choose “Email-only Hosting”).  Once the domain has been registered and your hosting service activated on our server (this takes only a few minutes), you’ll be ready to set up your email accounts and start using your own email service!

But What About My Contact List?

Depending on the email service you’ve been using, migrating your email contact list for use with your new, personal email service shouldn’t be too difficult.  You can contact GoPodunk support for assistance if you don’t know how to export or import contact lists.

How Will My Contacts Know I’m Using a New Email Account?

There are several ways that you can communicate to your current contacts that you’ll be using a new account.  Our support department can help you with your specific situation.

Take Control of Your Email

If you’re using a massive, free email service, it’s time to consider the cost of such risk.  Sign up today for your own domain and email service (choose “Email-only Hosting”), or call us for more information at (541) 403-2090.

Sign up for personal email

Sign up for personal email